Our Walling Family History

New Jersey



Matches 1 to 45 of 45

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ?, Agnes  1902New Jersey I2007
2 ?, Alice  1896New Jersey I2009
3 Aumack, Hellenor  1829New Jersey I2691
4 Bennett, Leavinia  Jun 1863New Jersey I2594
5 Coe, William  October 1861New Jersey I1550
6 Collins, Rachal  1771New Jersey I2783
7 DeGrote, Effie B.  1899New Jersey I2695
8 Fowler, Albert  1871New Jersey I2177
9 Fowler, Gladys  1903New Jersey I2170
10 Fowler, Helen  Feb 1900New Jersey I2169
11 Fowler, Henry Lloyd  Aug 1897New Jersey I2168
12 Fowler, Isaac  1863New Jersey I2174
13 Fowler, Julia  1874New Jersey I2179
14 Fowler, Lillian  1906New Jersey I2171
15 Fowler, Lilly  1867New Jersey I2175
16 Fowler, Mable  22 Apr 1893New Jersey I2167
17 Fowler, Minnie  1872New Jersey I2178
18 Fowler, William  1869New Jersey I2176
19 Golden, Annie Smith  24 Aug 1878New Jersey I0215
20 Jackson, Byron  1881New Jersey I0828
21 Johnson, Joanna  1839New Jersey I1021
22 Johnson, Joseph  1833New Jersey I1016
23 Johnson, William H.  1824New Jersey I1012
24 King, James H.  1877New Jersey I2192
25 King, Kenneth  15 Mar 1915New Jersey I0236
26 King, Leslie  29 June 1938New Jersey I2194
27 Luyster, Ann Elizabeth  1836New Jersey I1017
28 MAGEE, John  1821New Jersey I2554
29 NOWLAN, Ann Elisabeth  1823New Jersey I2555
30 Piper, Caroline "Carrie"  1867New Jersey I2693
31 Shebly, Mary  1856New Jersey I1762
32 Stillwell, Obadiah  1776New Jersey I2782
33 Walling, Abraham  1865New Jersey I1761
34 Walling, Ancel  1890New Jersey I0611
35 Walling, Charles T.  1908New Jersey I1765
36 Walling, Clarence Colton  28 Jun 1890New Jersey I0244
37 Walling, Eliza B.  1860New Jersey I1760
38 Walling, Joel  1859New Jersey I2692
39 Walling, Joel Emmet  08 Aug 1894New Jersey I2694
40 Walling, Joseph L.  13 Dec 1859New Jersey I0110
41 Walling, Katherine May  9 Apr 1883New Jersey I25
42 WALLING, Raymond Sr  3 Oct 1904New Jersey I2465
43 Walling, Taylor G.  1815New Jersey I2690
44 Walling, William  1854New Jersey I1759
45 Walling, Winfield  1852New Jersey I1758


Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Aumack, Hellenor  1861New Jersey I2691
2 Collins, John  1796New Jersey I2786
3 DeGrote, Effie B.  1985New Jersey I2695
4 Herbert, Elizabeth  1796New Jersey I2787
5 Ketcham, Phoebe  1826New Jersey I2785
6 Luyster, Ann Elizabeth  1920New Jersey I1017
7 Schenck, Roelofse Garret  22 Aug 1768New Jersey I1238
8 Stillwell, Obadiah  1771New Jersey I2784
9 Walling, Edward J.  18 May 2009New Jersey I2478
10 Walling, Joel  1920New Jersey I2692
11 Walling, Taylor G.  1908New Jersey I2690


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Collins / Herbert  Abt 1770New Jersey F1224
2 Stillwell / Collins  Abt 1790New Jersey F1222
3 Stillwell / Ketcham  Abt 1775New Jersey F1223
4 Walling / Aumack  Abt 1858New Jersey F1172
5 Walling / Bennett  12 Aug 1883New Jersey F1140
6 Walling / DeGrote  Abt 1920New Jersey F1174
7 Walling / Piper  Abt 1893New Jersey F1173