Our Walling Family History

Monmouth Co, NJ



Matches 1 to 27 of 27

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 CARHART, Mary  1758Monmouth Co, NJ I2416
2 ROBERTS, Mary  1784Monmouth Co, NJ I2422
3 Walling, Abraham J.  1804Monmouth Co, NJ I2421
4 Walling, Ann Elizabeth  1835Monmouth Co, NJ I2444
5 Walling, Anne  28 Dec 1715Monmouth Co, NJ I1895
6 Walling, David Clark  1850Monmouth Co, NJ I2452
7 Walling, Elisha  1788Monmouth Co, NJ I2418
8 Walling, Ezrom O.  1844Monmouth Co, NJ I2449
9 Walling, Gershom  1 Sep 1689Monmouth Co, NJ I75
10 Walling, Harriet R.  1815Monmouth Co, NJ I2426
11 Walling, Isaac I.  1802Monmouth Co, NJ I2420
12 Walling, James S.  1845Monmouth Co, NJ I2450
13 Walling, John  1843Monmouth Co, NJ I2448
14 Walling, John  1852Monmouth Co, NJ I2453
15 Walling, John G. I.  22 Feb 1782Monmouth Co, NJ I2417
16 Walling, John Gershom  Abt 1758Monmouth Co, NJ I2412
17 Walling, John R.  27 Jun 1810Monmouth Co, NJ I2425
18 Walling, Joseph Stoney  1836Monmouth Co, NJ I2445
19 Walling, Louisa  1840Monmouth Co, NJ I2447
20 Walling, Mary  Abt 1749Monmouth Co, NJ I2411
21 Walling, Mary A.  1806Monmouth Co, NJ I2424
22 Walling, Nancy  1744Monmouth Co, NJ I2409
23 Walling, Sarah  Abt 1747Monmouth Co, NJ I2410
24 Walling, Susan  9 Jun 1818Monmouth Co, NJ I2427
25 Walling, Thaddeus S.  1838Monmouth Co, NJ I2446
26 Walling, Wesley  1834Monmouth Co, NJ I2443
27 Walling, William H.  1848Monmouth Co, NJ I2451


Matches 1 to 16 of 16

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Ann  7 Mar 1760Monmouth Co, NJ I73
2 Bullman, Thomas  3 May 1772Monmouth Co, NJ I1898
3 CARHART, Mary  1806Monmouth Co, NJ I2416
4 NIVISON, Maria J.  16 Apr 1883Monmouth Co, NJ I2431
5 ROBERTS, Mary  1854Monmouth Co, NJ I2422
6 Walling, Abraham J.  1889Monmouth Co, NJ I2421
7 Walling, Anne  12 May 1802Monmouth Co, NJ I1895
8 Walling, Elisha  1860Monmouth Co, NJ I2418
9 Walling, Gershom  1 May 1767Monmouth Co, NJ I75
10 Walling, Isaac I.  1878Monmouth Co, NJ I2420
11 Walling, John G. I.  2 Feb 1860Monmouth Co, NJ I2417
12 Walling, John Gershom  Abt 1828Monmouth Co, NJ I2412
13 Walling, John R.  29 Nov 1887Monmouth Co, NJ I2425
14 Walling, Mary  5 Jan 1771Monmouth Co, NJ I2411
15 Walling, Susan  6 Dec 1902Monmouth Co, NJ I2427
16 Walling, Thaddeus S.  22 Oct 1881Monmouth Co, NJ I2446